I live in Charlotte, NC with my wife, two kids and our dog. When I’m not working on pottery, you’ll likely find me traveling, fly fishing, hiking, enjoying a backyard fire with family & friends or watching the Chicago Cubs.

“I don’t aim to set the world on fire, I work as I like to.”

Rufus Outen of Outen Pottery, Matthews, NC (1968)

My Story

In 2021 I was paralyzed with burn out from the same desk job of nearly 16 years. It was time to move on and find an opportunity to “work as I like to”.

Six months into the break, I took my first pottery wheel class and was immediately hooked. I spent most of the next year continuing classes, practicing during studio time, watching videos, reading books and absorbing everything I could about creating pottery.

I’m particularly interested in throwing functional pieces that depict nature, whether that is an overt attempt at a beach mug or a more abstract mountain scene on a wine tumbler.

All pieces are thrown on a wheel, dried to leather hard and trimmed. The pieces are then bisque fired which vitrifies the clay and allows the absorption of brushed on glazes. They are returned to the kiln where they are fired to around 2200 degrees F to allow the glaze to melt into a glassy coat. Finally, the bottoms are sanded to a smooth finish.